ACFA GRCH Nite Stalker Buster Brown... a Brown Mackerel Tabby with White Maine Coon Cat Male born on December 24, 1992. Buster's parents are Nite Stalker Bruno Sam and Windy Winter of Nite Stalker. He holds the title of Grand Champion in ACFA. Buster was retired from breeding in June 1998 and lived with the run of the house until I had to let him go due to lymphoma in October 2001. Buster will live on through his many kittens and grand kittens, etc.


Some Recent Photos...

Nite Stalker Buster Brown #1 Nite Stalker Buster Brown #2


         1993-94 ACFA, 11th Best Kitten, Northeast Region
         1993-94 ACFA, 16th Best Cat, Northeast Region

1997-2001 Mike Jacobi

Last update: 10/15/2001.

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